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Our exquisite selection of designer frames consists of the latest designs of hundreds of sunglasses and prescription frames that are displayed in the magnificently décor and spacious optical department.

We have the most in brands Ray Ban, Fendi, Gucci, D &G, Hugo Boss. Carrera, Tom Ford, Guess, Vercase, Coach and other exclusive fashion designer pieces.


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We have the most advance ophthalmic lens technology to provide better vision with convenience and comfort. Eye protection is on our priority list.

  • Design: On prescription basis only, lenses are either single vision or multifocal and progressive.
  • Material: high quality glass lenses are available however the efficient CR-39 plastics, high index polycarbonate, and hybrid materials like Trivex have much more to offer. Lenses at Eye Zone are extremely scratch-resistant, thinner, lighter in weight and safe to use. All are available according to the prescription.
  • Treatment: Anti-reflective lenses are the popular choice as they offer reduced glare, see and look better. Other options include UV protection, polished edges and anti-scratch coatings.
  • Tinting: A huge range of tint options is available from no tint to darker sunglass shades. Transitions tm is a recent tint option which darkens and lightens on basis of available sunlight.

We have wide range of Specialty products for prescription swimming googles, prescription sports glasses, clip on lenses.

 Specialty Products  Specialty Products